The Persian alphabet book that doesn't suck.


Delightfully illustrated

Simple illustrations help your little one practice while occasinoally tickling your sense of nostalgia.


No Farsi? No Problem

Can't read Persian? Alefba's translations and pronunciation guides help you pretend you can.


Practice sheet

Learn how to write the Persian alphabet by writing on the provided practice page.

See the story behind the book

Hello, I'm Atee!

A few years ago, I decided to leave a career in IT management to pursue what I liked doing most: arts and design. I love creating drawings in their most simple form. The Alefba book project is the result of three years of experimentation with this style and showcases people and concepts that are close to me. Today I'm a visual designer living in California with my husband and two cats: Tussy and Kuku. I enjoy making jams and pickles, and crave ‘Loobia-polo’ almost everyday. I hope that this book brings you and your loved ones as much joy as it has to me.

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